What Are Pneumatic Vibrators and Their Uses?

A pneumatic vibrator is a versatile tool that finds use in a wide range of industries, including construction, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. Pneumatic vibrators work by converting pneumatic energy into mechanical energy that manifests itself as either circular or linear vibratory motion. The resulting force is usually adjusted by the operator regulating the pressure of the incoming airflow.

In construction, for example, pneumatic vibrators are utilized to remove excess moisture and air pockets from freshly poured concrete, ensuring that the end result is uniform and seamless. Moreover, they can separate powders for pharmaceutical companies or empty agriculture silos. These are just a few ways in which these useful pieces of equipment are implemented.

If your operations consist of handing bulk material containers, you may be familiar with the frequency of blockages and material snarl-ups. Such occurrences can increase operational downtime and reduce your material handling process’ efficiency. Pneumatic vibrators are designed to prevent material blockages and ensure smooth flow. To accommodate such differing needs, pneumatic vibrators are available in a variety of types.

While there are varying types of pneumatic vibrators, they all share one main advantage: they lack moving parts. That being said, they are reliable, efficient, and safe to operate. The four main categories of pneumatic vibrators include internal vibrators, rotary vibrators, linear vibrators, and pneumatic impactors.

Internal vibrators are typically used to apply a vibration directly inside a product, like premixed concrete in order to remove air pockets. Next, rotary vibrators use rotational imbalances to produce high-frequency, circular vibrations with small amplitudes. Linear vibrators, on the other hand, utilize a piston motion to generate low-frequency vibrations with large amplitudes. Lastly, pneumatic impactors use a striking piston to create an impulse similar to a hammer blow.

Beyond such types, the materials pneumatic vibrators are composed of determine how well they will work with your operations. This is due to the fact that such apparatuses are designed to handle materials of different weights, densities, size, etc. More than that, they vibrate at different frequencies, which is critical for eliminating blockages. High-frequency vibrators are especially ideal for bulky and high-density load materials.

In contrast, low-frequency vibrators that produce linear vibration are perfect for fine and sticky materials that may easily cluster under continuous vibrational force. It is also important to note whether the material is dry or wet as this would determine the effectiveness of the vibrator. Another important factor to consider is noise levels. Turbine and air-cushioned vibrators are two of the quietest options, while their ball and impact piston counterparts are louder when operated. 

Depending on the size of your operations, you may need more than one pneumatic vibrator to get the job done, which may have significant cost implications. Additionally, pneumatic vibrators have an influence radius that determines the amount of material they can control. For instance, if you have larger bins or vessels, more vibrators are needed to get the materials moving. 

Similar to most industrial equipment, pneumatic vibrators must be routinely checked to ensure they are working optimally. A malfunctioning pneumatic vibrator can cause extensive damage to your applications. If you find that any part or component is showing signs of wear, rely on Industrial Parts Circuit for replacement parts and vibrator accessories.

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