How to Find the Best Abrasive Roll, Disc, or Band

Abrasive materials are commonly used within numerous industries, coming in the form of elements that can polish or clean a hard surface through rubbing and grinding actions. For industrial processes related to automobile manufacturing, wood and varnishing, construction, and more, abrasive materials are used at high consumption rates. When utilized in such applications, abrasives commonly come in the form of rolls, discs, and bands, all of which can benefit particular operations or requirements. In this blog, we will provide a brief overview of the most common abrasive formats, allowing you to determine which is best for your particular needs with ease.

Sandpaper is a common type of abrasive that is used in industrial and manufacturing processes, coming in the form of a thick paper that has a rough, abrasive surface. Sandpaper can be used for smoothing a surface, often being used to remove undesired materials for finishing and other procedures. When conducting a sanding operation, it is important that one has convenience, accessibility, and comfort. Additionally, the abrasive material should also be designed in such a way that accommodates the project in question as various types may benefit different procedures.

When procuring sandpaper rolls, there are various subcategories that one may use. Rolls with flexible or rigid paper support are often used for sanding metal, wood, varnish, resin, solid surfaces, and other general applications. With sponge paper support for a roll, the profiles, moldings, and curved surfaces of materials may be sanded with ease. Rolls with velcro paper holders are often relied on for manual sanding, typically being paired with coves and claws for conducting a job. If the roll is constructed from non-woven fiber or scotch, such variations may provide ample surface shading capabilities which can be useful for applications related to the automobile industry, nautical industry, construction, wood processing, and more. The final common roll type is the steel wool sandpaper roll, those of which can be used to create a high gloss finish on varnished and hard-to-access areas.

When choosing between discs and sheets, there are a few factors that one may consider. The format of a disc can often affect its performance, and disc fastening types may come in the form of the velcro system, self-adhesive system, or other types. The outer diameter of the disc also must match the variables of the operation, and the number of holes present on the material should be considered as well. It is also useful to determine what types of operations will be conducted as there are different grain values and discs that may be best. For coarse sanding of surfaces, discs with rigid paper or polyester film are optimal, and grains 40, 60, and 80 are common. For more intermediate sanding, grains 100, 120, 150, and 180 are useful, and discs may be those that have semi-rigid or flexible paper support. For fine sanding, discs with flexible paper backing or polyester are best, and grains 220 to 600 should be used. Lastly, finishing sanding can take advantage of grains from 600 to 2000, and sponge-backed discs or polyester film may be used.

For abrasive bands, wood and varnished applications may benefit during the sanding of flat pieces. For hardwoods, zirconium ore is a good choice for conducting surface sanding procedures. Meanwhile, aluminum oxide is the most common for wood, veneer, and melamine. If the material is a solid surface plate or particle board, silicon carbide ore may be a good fit. Beyond such examples, one may also consider whether or not the belt is antistatic, as such abrasive bands can limit the amount of dust that spreads out from a workspace due to electrostatic energy.

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January 12, 2023

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