When selecting a new pump, you might be inclined to overlook the coupling. It is often included as an afterthought and can sometimes go unnoticed when looking over your purchasable options. However, the coupling is one of the least expensive components of your assembly. Just as selecting the right pump is essential for your hydraulic or plumbing process, choosing a suitable coupling is crucial since it can broadly impact the assembly’s lifespan and performance. This blog will provide you with a complete briefing of the pump coupling, its function and types, and its pros and cons. Let us dive in.

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Welcome to Industrial Parts Circuit, your one stop shops for all necessary parts and components for your industrial, electrical, aerospace, and defense operations. In this blog, we will be discussing the key differences between hydraulic gear pumps and hydraulic piston pumps. While both devices may utilize hydraulic fluid to create and transfer energy through the means of mechanical force, each of these components harbors key differences which makes them suitable for particular applications. 

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